The year gone by . . .

Yet another year passes by, as it always does, in rapid succession.

Looking back from the events that have formed the crux of the previous year, it has been a year of mixed emotions, of trials and tribulations, of waxes and wanes, crests and troughs; and a myriad of experiences.

January – [to March]

2011 started off on rather slim note, with work taking up most time along with my third attempt at MBA exams; with XAT being the usual finisher. What followed a set of unexpected results. The first shocker was CAT – I had presumed that I had performed decently well, but it turned out to be the worst outing of the three! The other exams were fiascoes, barring NMAT & XAT which managed to get me calls from NMIMS, XLRI and XIMB. Of the lot, GD and PI, NM was horrendous and XIMB was decent. I didn’t take up XLRI as it was a call for their HR course. Having deftly screwed up my chances of getting an MBA seat in Operations management, I looked in the other direction which was to go the tech way, the MS way, which was the equally interesting and better plausible alternative.

February –

A bunch of us college buddies came together of the best trip we had ever been on together. After the Wonderla outing that came as a compensatory and consolatory trip to the fiercely failed Coorg trip; we set out on a trip to Goa – the state that’s always on a holiday! Abhishek from Bangalore, Hari from Coimbatore, Yesahavant from Chennai – came together at Bangalore; and I from Mumbai; met at Mapusa in Goa. We spent three memorable days roaming around the streets of Goa on non-geared vehicles, going well late into the night. Specific details in a separate post maybe 😛

March to May –

This was the period I truly enjoyed my stay at Mumbai – seeing around places that define Mumbai –  CST station; late night Marine drive outings including Tanmay’s farewell and the free roam with roommates after India’s world cup victory; Gateway of India; trip to Water Kingdom, Paintball at Powai with friends at office. Work was not very demanding too as many of us were leaving 😛

It was time for another Goa trip 🙂 This time with office buddies. To summarise – an unforgettable train journey with 12 of us sitting on 2 berths playing Antyakshari all night/day, stay at Tanmay’s place, exhilarating late night rides on Avenger, getting caught by the police at Panaji, cricket and football games, futile attempts to learn swimming, adrenaline pumping adventure sports at Baga beach, to the bumpy bus ride back to Mumbai – it was one helluva trip that all of us will cherish for years to come!

The last day of May was my last working day at Accenture. A sense of redemption, juxtaposed with the feeling of going away from friends for life, who wrote the Mumbai chapter of my life, crept into me. Wishing all well, and bidding farewell, I moved to Bangalore.

June – July

Time to spend at home, Bangalore. Mostly characterized by meeting up with relatives and friends before leaving in pursuit of the MS dream. Packing up stuff, finishing up tasks and also parting with my steed of five years, Apache :(. The sinking feeling of parting with my bike is something that I cannot find words to describe. The slick clutch, the seamless gearshift, the flaring acceleration, the feather touch manoeuvers is something that I would miss for a long time 😦

Bade adieu to close relatives and friends, whom I am not sure when I would be meeting next, and set off to Bhiwadi. The Rajasthan trip that ensued was culturally uplifting. It reiterated that India is such a diverse country with rich history and culture. Sad to see the current state of affairs. Cannot expect much except that Indian polity needs a revolution. More on this in some other post.

Had my fill of home food, movies and serials; which will have to wait once I started off on my MSE.

August – December

Started off with the “honeymoon period”, characterised by the excitement of being in the USA, all on your own, exploring places and meeting new people. As the semester progressed, I was brutally exposed to the true colours of the course. Stuff that I had supposedly ‘learned’ in my Bachelors had evaporated, even my from thick skull! However, one course [of the three] posed the most problems, as it was completely unfathomable to me! Bad choice for a rookie. Learned the hard way that I had to do some serious damage control.

All in good time, hopefully.

And now after the fall break, looking forward to a better 2012 – full of life, benevolence, optimism and yeah of course, learning 🙂



  1. @Santosh, Raksha – Thanks 🙂
    @Hemamalini, Hari – Yeah! One roller coaster ride 🙂
    @Rohit – Yeah, cheers to those times! 🙂

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