The Outcast

He stared at the vast expanse of the ocean, mulling over the time they had spent together. There had been memories, memories that were full of hope, exhiliration, intensity and soul. Memories that would make him the person he would be. Memories of events that he thought would never happen. Memories that would stick with him for the remainder of his existence.

She had been the light in the darkness of his life, the oasis of solace in his desert of solitude, the pull of gravity for the sustenance of his system. Deep inside, he heard the voice of his subconscious telling him that she is the one.

The horizon looked blue, full of optimism for the future. He could feel the wind whispering that everything would be alright. The simmering sun seemed to acknowledge his thoughts. The faint cry of the seagulls seemed to bring eternal peace to his disturbed mind.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he had to let her go. He was going to war, literally and figuratively. One as a service to his nation, the other as a test of his emotional endurance. He Reeled under the myriad of emotions. On one Side Was exaltation that he was on his path for glory. Then reality hit him hard on the face. There was no assurance that he would see her again. He pondered that he could never get her, for he was an outcast. An outcast to her people, as they would never let her be or accept him as hers. The irony of life tore him apart.

He longed for her gentle touch. He pined to feel her hair on his face for one last time. But it was time. The enemy was closing in, his emotions were piling up, a storm was brewing, he had to go…..



  1. Nice one macha.

    Myriad emotions slowly creep up in the mind.

    Just imaging the state of mind that person is in. Will be very hard for him to let her go!!
    God give him the strength.

  2. Dear Ashwin,
    For the first time i’m reading something that sounds ’emotional’ from your pen.It doesn’t look your style of writing.Am I ‘seeing’ a change in you?
    Well, no relationship is permanent and every human relationship undergoes change, incl the one between the parents and their children.The initial pain in separation gets mitigated as days go by. ‘Even this will pass’ is the only truth that i’ve learnt so far.

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