Musings from a cubicle . . .

What happens when your conscious mind is doing something mechanical and your subconscious is left completely jobless? The result is the waking up of the many rusted neurons and getting them to work, as follows, resulting in the understanding of the seemingly simple things in life – all of this, from a cubicle!

Well; Abhishek , Puneeth and I put on our thinking caps once in a while.

These are some of the quotes that have popped up during our discussions at work, over Office communicator.

The affable Abhishek-

  • Busy wondering what’s keeping me busy!
  • Cryptic crisis criss-crosses the connections in your cerebrum causing you to be at the crevice of confusion
  • Cribbing over a cryptic crisis leaves you crippled.
  • I have hidden talents. Even I don’t know where they are!
  • Your inherent integrity is integral to interpolate your interests with their operability.
  • In life there’s what you know and what you don’t know and what you don’t know you don’t know.
  • The IQ test was so challenging that it left me mentally challenged

Yours truly –

  • Thank you Apple, for formulating the laws of gravity
  • Covert cynicism and overt optimism maketh a good manager
  • God does play dice [inspired by Einstein’s “God does not play dice”]
  • Perversity of your peers possesses your perception of processes with profanity
  • The IT industry is like a black hole. IT sucks big time!
  • Underperformance undermines your understanding of an otherwise understood process.
  • Adversity begets animosity begets Narcissism.
  • Think deeply! Going down is the only way up.
  • Damn the Male : Female ratio! Ladies always get to choose, not fair!
  • The best cure for woman, is a better one
  • Many things fall in place, to make me fall out of place
  • It’s difficult for a miss to miss conception unless there is a gross sense of misjudgment!

More additions to this post is directly proportional to the time spent at work 😉

PS : Puneeth had The Reaper series at the focus of all his attention.  His inputs will be added soon. .



  1. You know there’s something which has the potential to become a bestseller: A Book comprising our chat lines! Which could be titled “Confessions from a Cubicle: Wired exchange of emotions” 😀
    I’m sure there’s more to come under our never ending quest for amusement especially when under pressure!
    You might also add our engineer friend and his wonder dog, who have indirectly ‘inspired’ or out-of-the-box (box = cubicle) thinking 😉
    Good one mate!

  2. Hi Ashwin,
    Your musings from a cubicle is quite interesting. Till now i never knew that you could communicate so clearly in complex and concrete oxymoron.I particularly liked the one-liner “Think deeply.Going down is the only way up”.

  3. Good stuff!!
    Can relate more or less to each and every syllable of these quotes.
    Looks like the frustrating times in the cubicle brings out the best in some.Thanks to the all so monumentally boring and stereotypical IT routine.
    Some surrender to it…The rest come up with such amazingly insightful quotes. 🙂

    I am sure Scott Adams (Dilbert creater) derives his inspiration from people like us :p

    Keep up the divine work.

    Quote on!! \”….”/

  4. @ Keertana – Thanks 🙂

    @ Abhi – Yeah. Dilbert and Dogbert are definitely a source of inspiration for most of our ‘Walla walla walla’ discussions on OC 😀

    @ HJ – Thanks! Most people know me better as a moron 😛

    @ Tanmay – Thanks for your comments 🙂 This is more of a survival strategy and a fight to retain sanity in the IT setup 😀
    Cheers to Scott Adams for giving us one of the best comic strips ever!

  5. Looks like your work brings out some of your best creativity.(:P)
    Keep going and one day this will be famous.
    “God does play dice” -Ashwin Shekar

    Well written lines!

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