10 Things to do before I die . . .

This may seem a “Little” far fetched, but anyway here goes. . .

10 Things to do before I die –

1. Drive an Audi or a BMW or a Volkswagen, any model, any class; in the UK – get to experience the BEST in Automobile engineering on the best of roads in the midst of the best of sceneries – the slick steering that loyally responds to all your moves, the exhilarating engine which intoxicates you with its sheer power, drop dead gorgeous looks that make you look like the sexiest man alive.

2. Ride a Ducati in the suburbs of New Zealand or Scotland – The God of Italian Engineering put to test by a aficionado of bikes, who treats bikes as an integral part of himself, an inner being – Me. The pleasure derived from riding a bike is unparalleled. The clutch is depressed, the gearbox is disconnected from the engine, the engine is roaring to be fired in the next gear, the gear is shifted with the flick of the foot, the clutch is released with an expectation of the being surging forward to ecstasy, the gear meshes with the engine, the end result – Salvation, sheer exaltation on the lines of a dose of cocaine. Riding a bike is like a thought process; the subconscious gets linked to the physical being and makes it as seamless as blinking an eyelid, breathing, or sleeping. For me, riding is a necessity, a Basic instinct which needs to be satisfied.

3. Lead a company which pioneers in renewable energy sources. Supply solar technology to all the manufacturers mentioned above [Audi, BMW, VW, Ducati] to make their cars/bikes run on solar power. Make the output of 100 Watts/sq cm of solar material a reality. Imagine a world which has the best in technology being driven by the most abundant source of energy – Paradise!

4. Own and live in a residence which runs completely on renewable energy – electricity generated by its own solar/wind energy; water from rain-water-harvesting supply; computers that run on solar power; 3D movies of Blu ray quality seen on a 70mm screen with 12.1 BOSE surround speakers. [Phew, the sun will tire out by the time my specifications are met!]

5. Own an SLR camera which shoots 20 frames per second at 15 Megapixels to photograph the complexity and beauty of life.

6. Go cycling at sunrise on a road which has trees and a mountain range on one side, and a view to a beach and the horizon on the other side. [Use the above mentioned camera to take pictures of its surreal beauty]

7. Go skydiving to feel what it is like for an acrophobic guy [fear of heights] to jump off a plane from 20000 feet; and still survive!

8. Meet great people one on one –

  1. Steve Jobs, Narayana Murthy – for their awesome business acumen.
  2. Steven Speilberg, Christopher Nolan, Mani Ratnam – for their amazing skills in film making.
  3. AR Rahman, Yanni, Vangelis – for making music an inherent part of my life.
  4. Michael Schumacher, Roger Federer , Sachin Tendulkar– for attempting to reach perfection in spite of being the best in what they do.
  5. Trisha, Shriya, Anushka , Kristen Stewart – for obvious reasons 😉
  6. Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Leonardo diCaprio, Vikram, Surya – for making awesome movies and tapping my insatiable thirst for movies.

9. Eradicate poverty by providing food, healthcare, education and housing to the underprivileged, as a politician in a two party system of governance. [Hopefully by allotting a part of the profit of the company that I will lead! 🙂 ]

10. Do all of the above with the woman of my dreams with me by my side!

I’m contented with these for now, but this list may increase in the future . . .



  1. You hav actually made me wonder wat r the 10 things i want to do in my life time..! Anyways…All the very best ashwin!! 🙂 I hope ALL the 10 dreams come true!!

  2. That one awesome list dude! Very practical. Very achievable.
    I not just hope that you’ll do them all but I’d say YOU WILL DO THEM! Cheers! 🙂

  3. ohhh!!!! cool list there… ducati nd bmw.. lovely ya ashwin… seriously made me thnk tat these thngs can be gvn a thot.. hmm… wishing u onli success 4 the above…

  4. practicality and achievability rolled into one!
    nice list bud.
    u n me share the same 2 “things to do before i die” – drive a german car (for me on german roads) and
    sky diving (prefered location – mid atlantic).. how abt giving me company on the later ?? 🙂

  5. I particularly liked the tenth wish b’cos it is the only one in the wish list that is most difficult to come true:) There certainly will be a woman of your dreams by your side, stamping your feet all the way thro.
    So, keep her at a safe distance:)
    All d best ! Let all ur dreams come true!

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