Singam – The Lion King!

Continuing with my fetish to watch Surya’s movies in the first day/week of release, I got to watch “Singam” on the first day of release, but in quite unexpected circumstances!

Another ordinary ‘Thank God it’s Friday’; just another day at work; me going about ‘mundane’ activities at work, if you understand what I mean [God Bless the policy makers of IT companies that allow women to wear casuals on Fridays :D], along comes an inadvertent mention of the fact that the much awaited Surya starrer is to release today. My pulse goes racing, as I have more reasons than the Surya factor to watch this movie: one being my senseless desire to watch his movies ASAP, another was Anushka! My subconscious starts making plans for the night show and thanks to the sincere cousin of mine, who accompanies me on most of my ambitious movie quests, it happened.

The Movie –

Surya is a powerhouse of talent as most of us have seen and known. He teams up with Hari [of “Saamy” fame] for the third time, after “Aaru” and “Vel”. Hari is known for his commercial movies with the right mix of action, comedy, romance, songs; and with “Singam” he does what he does best-make commercial cinema. “Singam” is the story of a straightforward, “don’t mess with me” cop Duraisingam [Surya], an inspector in Nellore, who takes on the most vicious baddie in Tamil Nadu Mayilvahanam [Prakash Raj], and runs into trouble as and when deemed possible. What follows is a cops and robbers chase which is executed fairly well.

Coming to the specifics, Surya strengthens his stronghold in Tamil cinema as a mass hero. Right from his unbelievably heroic introduction scene to the superhuman bashing of poor rowdies, Surya gets to do them all! As always, he throws in a power-packed performance, as the handlebar-mush-sporting, Enfield-riding, law-upholding, baddie-bashing ideal cop. Anushka’s presence ensures that even the dullest of screens are brightly lit! Vivek’s act as Surya’s sidekick provides some laughs. Prakash Raj proves yet again that he can excel in any role that is thrown at him. This is one of his best acts as a villain, after “Ghilli”. Senior actors like Nasser, Radharavi, Manorama, Vijaykumar all do justice to their roles. Hari’s fast, racy screenplay ensures that there is never a dull moment. However, “Singam” has shades of his first venture, the brilliant “Saamy” and comparisons are inevitable.Cinematography is apt; editing is racy, with many cuts and glories that are inherent to a commercial movie.

Music is one of the major aspects that makes / breaks a movie. We have seen both end results with “Asal” at one end and “Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya” at the other. Devi Sri Prasad[DSP] falters again after his grossly disappointing score of “Kandasamy”. Where is the DSP that composed tunes for Arya, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Bommarillu etc? DSP, please take some time off and re-invent yourself. As I feared, none of the tracks make a great impact: “You stole my heart” can be counted as an exception though. [PS: DSP, Please don’t screw up Vikram’s next –“Vedi”; I beg of you]

All that said, “Singam” is worth a watch for Anushka’s presence, Vivek’s gags and quite simply the “Surya” factor!

PS: This is the first movie that I have seen in the theatre without even knowing the release date or watching the trailer!



  1. hmm…if u had watched the trailer…u wouldnt have been all this ready to watch the film!!!!anushka seems to b the only reason u watched this film!!!the punches thro the trailrs r sooper gags!!!

  2. hehe abslutely… u wudnt have rushed 2 see this movie specially the 1st day of its release aftr u wud have seen the trailor… i hated it thou i m a great fan of surya nd have watched all his movies b4… but yea prakash raj is the best in watever he does 🙂 anyway mama… gud review again…

  3. @ Varsha – Sure it is worth watching, and yes I’m a huge Anushka fan esp after Singam

    @ Amrutha – Some dialogues are nice. Some are pure masala. But good that I didn’t watch the trailer, all that happens is for the best! 🙂

    @ Anietha – Wrt watching on the first day, Nadakkardellam Nalladukke 🙂 Thanks. You can watch it for Surya and Prakash Raj [and Anushka 😛 😀 :)]. It is not as good as Varanam or Ayan but definitely worth a watch.

  4. dude.. first i thot of going to movie with my fren.. now after ur review i think’ll buy the DVD.
    u da maan when it comes to movies.. abhi praises u to the hilt.. 🙂

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