Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya… sincerely!

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya, will you cross the skies and come (to me); is Gautam Menon’s latest offing with Simbu and Trisha in the lead, as all of us know. It also is the coalescence of Gautam with AR Rahman for the first time; ARR’s first Tamil project post his Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes. Need there be any more reasons to set our expectations soaring sky high!

Needless to say, ARR doesn’t disappoint. Hosanna is a gift to all music lovers across generations. The intricate orchestration, the seamless transition from melody to rap and back to melody, the flawless rendition by Vijay Prakash, the haunting chorus by Suzanne de Mello [of Slumdog fame], the immaculate cinematography, the captivating beauty of Malta, the expressive emoting by the lead pair, and lastly the towering crescendo, all add up to make this a masterpiece.

Omana Penne is the next track that captures your attention, once you break the spell cast by Hosanna. The techno-mixed voice of Benny Dayal adds subtleties to the perfect orchestration. The Malayalam lyric by Kalyani Menon, and the Nadaswaram bit take the track lilting to perfection.

ARR amazes with the variety in the album, in spite of most tracks being melodious.

Mannipaaya, the title track and Anbil Avan convey the mood of the protagonists effectively. Aaromale is hailed as a masterpiece; owing to the haunting guitar, Alphons’s rendition, and the chorus; but it hasn’t struck a chord with me.

The background score is spot on, with it being dead silent at times, adding immense intensity to the scene. Gautam has exploited Rahman’s genius to the best possible extent. Its almost like I don’t miss the Gautam-Harris combo anymore!

Coming to the story [or the lack of it], it’s simple, straight and practical. Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa [of Eeram fame] is truly enchanting and is complemented effectively by the background score. Be it the simple shots of Trisha’s home or the picturesque Alappuzha, Manoj excels in every frame. Dialogues are minimal and precise, but repetitive at times, as with the scenes. Trisha sets your pulse racing with her drop dead gorgeous looks throughout; and her portrayal of the indecisive woman [as mostly the case!] caught between her love for Simbu and her father’s dictum is worth applauding. Its unfortunate that Trisha isn’t able to dub in her own voice, even with Tamil being her mother tongue; and Chinmayee does well to compensate.  Simbu’s underplayed performance is a welcome change from his previous finger-waggling, nonsensical-dialogue-mouthing roles. Ganesh, who comes as a cameraman, Simbu’s mentor and friend, is a breath of fresh air, and provides well-needed comic relief when the pace gets slow.

On the slop side, the scenes are repetitive and get boring at times. As a result, the runtime is high, about 160 minutes. Too few characters make this a monologue of sorts. Maybe it was meant to be so, as this is a narration of the lead character’s first love.

Overall, VTV is worth a watch, for the lead pair’s chemistry, ARR’s music and Gautam’s style. Strictly for the below 30 audience!



  1. I actually had not given a thought of watching vtv as the usually much-hyped movies are dumb(in most cases)…..think only arr’s music and the cinematography is worthy to fall for….and oops …..i almost forgot….trisha (for the first time) seems to b inviting me to watch her in the movie!!!!!good review ashwin!!!!!

  2. And a very important question!!!!!why such a big break from writing blogs??????want to read your next entry soon…………….

  3. It was lovely reading ur review 🙂
    Surprisingly my father(57yrs) loved the movie and wants to watch it again…so i dont quite agree with ur last sentence …and i thought the movie was paced keeping the story’s plot in mind…i liked it the way it has been shown…slow but picturesque!!
    im a big fan of vtv

  4. @Amrutha – Thanks! No specific reason as such. Shall try to be regular from now on. And Trisha looks super, I was drooling there in the theatre! 😀 Can’t wait to watch Samantha in the Telugu version 🙂

    @Varsha – Thanks! Nice to see older people liking this movie. My parents didnt like it much though. And I too felt this wasnt as fulfilling a movie as Varanam [the love story part].

    @Mahith – Thanks for the comment and the feedback. Shall watch the telugu version when the original DVD comes out!

    1. Hi Ashwin..If u were not happy with VTV then you will be disappointed with the telugu version..The lead pair – Nagachaitanya and Samantha(even though she looks super hot in the movie) are just newcomers and you won’t take long to make it out.The saving grace is Gautam Menon’s handling of the story(simple and feels so real),Manoj’s cinematography as you have mentioned and A.R.Rahman’s soulful background score.

  5. hey ashwin! nice one..loved the pair on screen..and ofcuz ARR’s muzk, aaromale especially 😉 i felt everything in the muv was gud except the storyline..well reviewed..

  6. Honestly, the review looks more interesting than the movie itself. Simbu, in my opinion can NEVER EVER qualify…. Even in my wildest dreams i can never consider watchin him in theatres. Gautham’s movies are becoming too stereotyped, autobiographical, and narcisstic. He’s fallin into the same pit that Mani Rathnam has already fallen. Too much of predictability and presence of the director eventually leads even a die-hard fan to boredom.
    Ashwin, ur reviews look very professional indeed. Keep it up!

  7. VTV fell short of expectations after the humungous blockbuster Vaarnam Ayiram. VTV created such hype and hoopla that is was supposed to be Gautham Magnum Opus. The Screenplay is very aesthetic (as is with most Menon movies) ,but the movie lacked a definitive plot and gts really slow at times that would frustrate even an ardent Gautham Menon fan. I think he has to change his genre totally and start experimenting. !! It getting way too stereo typical.

    1. @ HJ and Hari-
      I agree that Gautam’s movies are getting stereotypical and VTV was a letdown compared to Varanam. But Narcissism? I think not. Every movie will have the director’s touch as it is his conception completely. Giving his feel to the movie is justified. VTV does get boring at times, even for a romantic!
      Gautam in a new genre like comedy would be nice to watch!

  8. VTV, has brought out good piece of music as much as i can perceive it superficially, cuz basically I am not a Tamilian so woudn’t understand the songs as much as a native would. Also apart from hosanna no other song in the movie is that hip hop whose meaning can atleast be speculated.
    From what I could little understand watching the movie, the title VTV is not justified, nothing that intense or spectacular happens in the movie. The story is weak and nothing as such to make a movie about. On and off relationship between a couple has nothing special in it. Also it looks very conventional. Firstly a relentless girl’s attitude towards a guy who has fallen in love with her from the first time he saw her. Then somehow she is inclined, they give it a shot but then her strict, unyielding dad comes into the picture as a major threat, so eventually the girl ends up dumping her guy… typical. Also so many movies have come up showing cross religion love affairs, nothing novel there either. I feel there is nothing extra in the movie to be watched for… The music, cinematography, loactions selected is appreciable though. Else the movie doesnt have much to say.
    PS: I wouldn’t understand the nuances of dialogues in Tamil, if the movie has got sumthing extra to do with that then I cant say much!

    1. Hmm. I understand that you couldnt catch the lyrics. The lyrics take the songs to the next level! Try catching them sometime.
      I agree that the story is bleak but I feel the title is justified. It is so difficult for the guy to get the girl as she crossing the skies and coming to him. And thats what is shown in the movie. There are movies that have come with a similar setup, but this can be watched purely for the pair, music and the director’s treatment.
      You should check out the Telugu version, it has a different ending which you may like. 🙂

  9. great review…..especially the songs……liked them….the whole movie seems like a poetic description…..totally filled with music….

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