Aadhavan-Does the sun shine?

Pre-Script : This post doesn’t contain any spoilers and can be read by anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet.

It had already been 4 days since its release. And I still hadn’t seen it. This was a gross digression from the ordained obligation that every Surya movie should be seen in the first two days of its release, with the exception of Varanam Ayiram [for reasons best left untold]. Me being in Chennai during Diwali was the primary reason though for this 4 days delay. The lack of theatres in Chennai for the abundant cinema going populace due to which the first four days were sold out in most theatres was another significant reason. Incidentally I had to get back to Bangalore earlier than I expected, and this made Mission Aadhavan possible.

Aadhavan – the one who rises first. The sun. Surya.

Surya reprises the commercial cinema genre after Ayan, under KS Ravikumar’s [KSR] direction, who after Dasavataaram tries to deliver a wholesome entertainer. The story, as most people know, Surya plays Aadhavan, a hired assassin, who never misses his target. But ironically, for the very first time in his career, he fails to kill the judge who would be responsible for bringing the baddies to justice. He is obsessed to pick off his target and thereby comes as a domestic help to the judge’s place, with the help of Vadivelu. The rest of the story is about Aadhavan trying to finish his mission.

Saroja Devi is downright irritating with her excess make up and overacting, and gets ragged a few times too!. Ramesh Khanna is being selfish in writing a role for himself just to take up screen space, with bizarre dressing and cacophonic singing. Nayanthara, for a change looks less vulgar [remember Villu?]. But she doesn’t have much to do other than dancing to Harris Jayaraj’s repetitive tunes and TRY to ooze some oomph. Murali, as the judge, throws in a good performance in what is unfortunately his last movie. Surya is as usual in fine form. Most of the difficult stunts are done by him and deserve a special mention. Be it the Casino-Royalistic chase in the beginning, or the superhuman helicopter stunt in the end; his efforts reflect on screen.

Vadivel is the other hero of the movie. His role encompasses the entire runtime and he deftly compensates for the slack storyline with his impeccable comic timing.

Surya’s much hyped 10 year old look has come out well in some scenes and is sloppy in some. Overall, a good effort with the CG. There are a whole bunch of characters who seem to serve no purpose other than fill the rooms. Sayaji Shinde is wasted yet again [where is the actor from “Bharathi”?]. Rahul Dev comes and goes as a typical villain.

Harris Jayaraj needs to learn a few lessons, and fast.

  1. People are not so dumb to keep listening to his tunes over and over again in different movies, and not identify them. ‘Varayo’ is similar to ‘Un siripinil’ from Pachaikili Muthucharam; ‘Yeno Yeno Panithuli’ is ‘Manasa’ from Munna; ‘Hasili Fisili’ is again not a new tune, but the Kathik-Surya combo weaves magic after ‘Aadadha aatamellam’ [Mounam Pesiyadhe], ‘Oru Maalai’ [Gajini], ‘Anjala’ [Varanam Ayiram], and ‘Vizhi Moodi’ [Ayan].
  2. Gajini and Anniyan are not the only sources of Background music in all his assignments.
  3. Why are songs like ‘Maasi Maasi’, ‘Dekho Dekho’ even composed? They just take up time and slow down the already dumb storyline.

‘Yeno Yeno Panithuli’ is extravagant with Tamil audiences getting to see Iceland for the first time. The visuals from ‘Hasili Fisili’ are also a treat to watch.

Overall, Aadhavan is worth a watch. But it offers nothing new. Is it a worthy follow up to Ayan? Maybe not. Lesser the expectations, better for the viewer.



  1. May be the sun has to rise before it shines!
    In the process of commercialization, movie makers forget to add substance along with style. But anyway I’ll watch Aadhavan for the ‘surya’ factor!

  2. “Aadhavan” a totally gross movie going by surya’s standards!! Its nowhere close to ayan, let alone VA and Ghajini.!! I really wonder why surya chose to do such a subject,who is otherwise known for doing off beat roles..
    when the urban legends did the rounds saying that surya for the first time was portraying a negative shade, i was looking forward to it immensely.But the movie failed to impress me.
    This movie once again shows that however commercial a movie might be, it will bomb at the box office if it has a lifeless storyline.
    I would recommend abhi to watch Aadhavan for the “Vadivelu” factor!! All hard core tamil fans know what i mean..

    Harris is just playing on the people’s memory. Most of the tunes are repetitive!! But Hasile Fisile flings the magic between Surya,Karthik and Harris.
    The movie is a dud!!

  3. After reading this lucid review…I have earned more interest in watching Surya’s acting (always at his best) and Ravi Kumar’s direction (no words, as always). I’ll surely watch it but ……..in telugu :-)…as this is dubbed in telugu for fans in AP to watch…or rather for people like me..cool… And, in telugu its called ghatakudu !!! 🙂

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