The IPL2 Tamasha

The first season of the IPL was a huge success as we all know. The schedule of the second installment is on the rocks if it is to be conducted in India. There is always a risk of terrorist infiltration and moreover thanks to the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers in Pakistan, we are in dire need of additional security measures for the smooth conduction of the tournament. This can be the right time for the terrorists to attack us, as a breach in security will tarnish the image of India on the global platform. With the multi-phase general elections coming, security has to be beefed up at all voting centres, leaving little for the IPL.

The incompetent Indian Political League seems to be one of the main reasons for stalling the schedule of IPL2. The primary reason quoted by BCCI was the non co-operation of the UPA led AP and Maharashtra governments in providing security. We fully well know that we do not have enough security to have elections and IPL2 simultaneously. In spite of that, BJP, being the ‘sincere’ opposition it has been, capitalized on this opportunity to blame the inefficiency of UPA in organizing any event. There is also an open spat between Narendra Modi and P Chidambaram regarding this issue. Dirty Politics.

Lalit Modi has shown us his formidable managerial skills with the inaugural IPL, and this time too, he has been impressive with managing the logistics at such short notice. It is finally official that IPL2 will be hosted by South Africa. But it is a shame that IPL, being a multi million dollar franchise, cannot be hosted here. On one side we have millions of money invested on players [by Indians]; on the other side, there is a basic issue of security due to which it can’t be hosted here.

One solution he could have considered was to involve the franchise owners themselves in providing security for their players, as the players are their liability anyway. There are various security agencies that can act as ‘bodyguards’ to the players. That way, security is outsourced, lessening the burden on the Govt.

But the hard truth is this. IPL2 will be hosted by South Africa, which means we’ll not get to see any matches [or the Washington Red Skins..!] in live. IPL2 will never be the same as IPL1. But there is still optimism, for atleast we have an IPL. We fans aren’t disappointed, and the investors are smiling all the way to the bank, even with the recession still on…!



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