Sorry seems to be the right word to say. . .

As children, we are taught to say “I am sorry” whenever we make a mistake, or hurt someone. At that stage in life, “thank you” and “sorry” have a lot of meaning. But as we grow into “mature” individuals, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank You’ seem to lose their significance, because of the callousness and apathy that the ways of the world infuse in us.

Many a time, inevitable misunderstandings surface in relationships, for which the reasons may be very trivial. A simple misunderstanding may keep an otherwise happy person brooding over the absurd issue for a long time.

When we unknowingly hurt a person close to us, with the intention of setting things right by making him/her repent for his/her mistake; there is a tinge of this acquired indifference that shows clearly. But when that person hurts us, and is genuinely feeling bad about it, all the pain caused seems to vanish. “I am sorry” are the three magic words that bring you back to the zealous realm of life; making you feel why you bothered to make such a fuss out of it in the first place.

The anguish induced by the thought, that the person whom we pine so much for can distance themselves from us due to this misunderstanding, seems to be more to take than the pain inflicted by him/her when he/she hurt us. At this point of time, when emotions transcend ego, Sorry seems to be the right word to say.

This post goes out to all people whom I have hurt, knowingly or unknowingly.

P.S : This is a random post and doesn’t reflect any particular incident



  1. Oh this is so true.. and in my case,it took a month for MY emotions to transcend my ego..:P
    Sometimes things get so out of hand and all u can think of is getting back and having the upper hand.. but at the end of it, after ur mind comes back from it’s vacation,all that matters is saving what’s close to u and THAT’s when the ego takes a backseat.. and u realise it would’ve been much easier to just have said sorry and avoided all the emotional turmoil (for all involved)’s just a waste of energy..and a waste of time in which u could’ve just been happy!

  2. u thot me a lesson ……wid dis peice of writin…..a lesson ,dat’l stay wid me for looong….thankz….now i believe n i understand dat….”LOSING IS WINNIG”….! n i’l make sure i’l put it into practice…

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