Burn After Watching

Burn after watching.

Seriously. This is what I felt just after watching this movie. This movie pushed the seasoned movie watcher in me to reach my limits, or so I think it is. No other movie had made me reach that point of boredom where I start questioning my sanity. That’s what this movie is about. Purely absurd, and the Coen brothers, with ‘Burn after reading’, celebrate its absurdity..!

The movie starts off with Osbourne [John Malkovich] being fired from his analyst job at CIA. His alternative for a living is to write a memoir about his life. Osbourne has a troubled marriage too with his wife, a doctor, having an affair with Harry [George Clooney], who is with the treasury department. There is another character, Linda, a gym instructor and internet dating addict, who wants to undergo 4 cosmetic surgeries; the funding of which is too huge. Chad [Brad Pitt] is a gym instructor, and probably the only saving grace in this abysmal film, with his impeccable comic timing, and constant jig to the songs playing on his mp3 player.

Linda gets to meet Harry through the online dating portal. She gets hold of Osbourne’s memoirs through some customer Chad is her partner in a mission of theirs to get Osbourne to pay money in exchange for his ”valuable memoirs”. Harry’s wife, an author of children’s books is having an affair with another man. Throw in some more confusion into this with the Russian embassy ready to buy the so called “memoirs” along with the CIA secrets, ‘Burn after reading’ becomes all the more absurd..! Ultimately, you never get to know what the plot of the movie is, or what the directors are trying to say with these characters. Sad to say that performers like Brad Pitt and George Clooney are cheaply wasted .

I haven’t watched ‘No country for old men’, I guess I need a lot of persuasion to watch it after punishing myself to this horrendous 90 minute video from the Coen brothers.

PS : A piece of advice. Burn before watching.



  1. know wot?!!! ur movie reviewing skills r so bloody good u need to be hired in my company… ul be paid a neat amount for this!! shall i recommend? 😉

  2. Too many confusing affairs.
    You should probably burn the movie instead of yourself.
    We need people on this earth to give us movie reviews, don’t we now? 🙂

  3. ohh.. seems like a movie not to be watched.. but what can a girl do when there’s pitt AND clooney in ONE movie??:P:P

  4. @Varsha – thanks, and seriously, at this point of time, any company will do. Nice to know that you are going the entrepreneur way 😀 😀 😀

    @Nishchita – I referred to burning the movie only :D. Seriously, we need reliable movie reviewers.

    @Nandana – Hehe 😀 Looks like the movie served its purpose and confused you too..! The same woman doesnt have affairs with both Clooney and Pitt.

  5. “The Maverick” gives an impeccable description of this horribly insane movie… if this movie could send Mr. Ashwin “The Maverick” into a frenzy think what a normal person’s state would be after watching this movie…
    bravo dude 🙂
    If u can create another post like cram-man for this movie please do it. its my sincere request. 🙂

  6. u’ll make a good critical analyst..u have the right ingredients.. So, jus give it a thought, not necessarily in the entertainment industry but elsewhere.. which u have to discover urself!!

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