Fate or Choice?

There have been and will be many instances where we land up in a predicament, which tests our presence of mind, or just merely common sense. The answers to some of the questions raised during the tough times cannot be derived by us, but our reaction to these situations is completely in our control. This is when our choices play a pivotal role in determining the repercussions of our [re]actions.

If seen on a broad scale, everything that happens in the world is governed by reasoning, logic, necessity and choice. Necessity leads one to make choices from the available options. The chair I am sitting on was made because someone chose to enhance his/her comfort level; the computer I am using has become what I see it to be because someone wanted it to be seen this way; the bike I use is built this way because someone chose to commute faster; the fate of a democracy is chosen by its people; and finally we are what we are because we chose to be so, voluntarily or involuntarily.

We are responsible for what we are, what we become and also for what we don’t.

The choices we make may not always be right. Many of them are mostly intuitive. And unless the problem is of a significant magnitude, we don’t think much before we make a choice. The wrong choices may be made voluntarily with selfish motives by a narcissist. But he too has made a choice, and will have to face its consequences.

Some people believe in destiny and some don’t. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen and happens for the good. So why worry about something that’s yet to happen? This has both a negative and a positive connotation.

Pessimists would think “It’s inevitable anyway, What difference can I make?” and an optimist sees it as “Whatever the end result is, let me put in my best efforts”. The pessimist sees fate to decide the be all and end all of things. But the optimist makes the choice of believing in himself and maximizing his efforts. If anything is pursued with your heart in the right place, and the maximum efforts are put in that direction; somewhere, somehow you get to know that whatever is being sought can be achieved. When faced with a problem, we can choose to get all worked up about it, or we can remain calm and think of a solution. The latter works best.

I’ll like to end by citing this famous quote “Future is not what we wait for, it’s what we make”. Instead of playing the blame game, if responsibility is taken for our actions and our choices are well made, tackling a untoward situation shouldn’t be all that difficult..



  1. Deep thoughts.
    I watched the everybody-must-watch movie called kung fu panda recently. There’s a dialogue in there: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present!”

    Making a decision is very tough. But one we make one, sticking to it is the hard part.

  2. Seems like u have gone into the abyss of ur consciousness! 🙂 The choices we made , whether good or bad, will be known at the end! So well made choices are not pre-defined as u have mentioned in the last sentence. But a good attempt nevertheless 🙂 😀

  3. @ Hari – well made choices are not pre-defined, I agree; but once we start taking responsibility for our actions, the choices we make become right for the greater good, though it may not be for the individual himself.
    PS: Finally I’ve learnt to title posts to some extent 😉

  4. @ Ashwin- Yeah.. i kinda agree.. u start making the right choices/decisions with experience jus like how wine gets richer with age!!

  5. Point no 1 : I came across ur blog through harini ma’am.
    Point no 2 : I completely agree with ur views on DESTINY . Destiny is not what is written for us , it is wat we do at this moment and wat we have done uptil now . Believing in destiny is just an excuse for our laziness and lack of focus.
    Talking about democracy , I often wonder , how justified are we in criticising the government for its inability to tackle terrorism , corruption , poverty n wat not … when we r selfish enough to sit back in our cosy drwaing rooms (high paying jobs n hectic social lifestyle) watching ‘breaking news’ [:P]. We WONT go n vote, we WONT go form a party which does good , but we WILL sit n talk abt it!
    well, I guess thats a looong post … sorry abt it [:)]

  6. @Arpita- Thanks for checking this out. And regarding democracy, I think the ‘Jaago Re’ Ad by Tata tea sums up what we shd be doing instead of fattening ourselves up by drawing a handsome salary and cosying up in the drawing room!!
    Change we shd believe in, am not endorsing obama, but he’s a symbol of the new age promising politician. I think parties like Lok Paritran shd be encouraged and brought to power. A political system sans the BJPs and INCs will do India more good.

  7. ” If anything is pursued with your heart in the right place, and the maximum efforts are put in that direction; somewhere, somehow you get to know that whatever is being sought can be achieved.”

    I just totally loved that 🙂

    And at what you said at Hari – The greater good thing does not happen even if a person does take responsibility for his/her action. Even the best decisions tend to be selfish in some way or the other. Every choice that is made (good or bad, however it turns out) has some motive of self-goodness behind it.

    Oh well, a good post once again! 🙂

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