26/11:Damage Done. What next?

We have enough and more reasons to stop staring and start acting. The recent Mumbai attack should not turn out to be another episode to showcase our apathy towards our compatriots and fellow human beings cross the globe. We need a plan of action that our so called ‘leaders’ should comply by. Here’s what we can do:

  1. This terror attack has struck at the financial nerve centre of a prospective G10 country [we know that we are worthy of that] and was clearly targeted at not just India, but also USA,UK, Israel, and Australia. As this operation has affected so many countries, it is high time that a Global Intelligence Network is formed. All these nations can work with by a charter issued by a global organization like UNO to establish a network so that there is intelligence feed from different countries to the party concerned. Some reports quoted that in spite of getting information about the attack on the Taj hotel, officials/politicians failed to act. There can be no room for such apathy if there is a global network as action has to be taken due to the sheer pressure from different countries.
  2. Back home, a State-wise NSG unit should be set up, so that even when there is a recurrence of an emergency of this magnitude; response time, which is critical during a crisis, can be reduced to a great extent thereby saving precious lives.
  3. All of us can agree that NO RELIGION preaches violence. It is unfortunate that Islam has been associated to terrorists. There are many organizations that influence the Muslim youth to take up arms and fight for religion in the name of Jihad. And terrorists are greatly induced by Jingoism. The politicians should appeal to Muslim priests and the heads of Madrasas to preach the correct doctrine of Islam. A national organization should be set up to monitor the functioning of these Madrasas, so that the youth aren’t influenced by fanaticism.
  4. All youth should be given compulsory military training for a period of 1 or 2 years, after finishing their graduation [ considering the practicalities and health conditions obviously]. This is again on a global scale and should happen in all member nations of the UN. This will not only discipline them but also help them build military skills that can be used at times of need. And no patriot in his right senses will oppose this.
  5. The media should ensure to offer Responsible coverage. For example, when IC814 was hijacked in 1999, there was a delay of 8 days for the release of hostages. During these 8 days there was repeated coverage of the hijack and this provoked the people to thinking that the then Govt was not doing all that is possible to rescue the hostages. Finally the Govt had to give in to the hijackers’ demands to release 3 terrorist heads. All the efforts and the lives given to capture them were lost in vain. And think of how many lives have been lost from the operations those 3 released terrorists have planned? All this for a set of people in a flight? I completely empathise with those passengers and it is a really unfortunate situation to be in. But it will definitely take me ages to come out of the thought that my life had been spared with so many people’s lives at stake. Another incident of irresponsible coverage by the media is when the NSG operation was carried out into the Taj hotel. If all those are broadcasted on TV, the terrorists are watching them too; and they’ll be prepared at the exact points to finish the commandos off!
  6. Politicians have resigned based on “Moral” grounds [hopefully they have some morality left in them]. There has to be a change in the political community. Youth power is the key. Obama is a refreshing change in the global political scenario. Change we should believe in. I sincerely believe that if a section of youth can be influenced so strongly to indulge in terrorism; there can be another group which can be influenced to bring in a change in the system, or to counter terrorism. Youth can bring in dynamism to the rotting Indian politics.
  7. For all this to happen, there should be a corruption-free environment. An Anti-corruption Cell [ACC] should be set up in each of the member countries of the UN. Links with ACCs of other countries should be established. Surprise inspections from a UN commission should be done at different member nations at random to check the corruption levels at each country.

When the above said measures are taken up on a global scale, all the countries involved will adhere to the norms in place, atleast to maintain their self respect on the global platform.

In spite off all the negatives, there is hope. We can see the fire in the youth today. There is an increasing need to seem to want answers. There is mounting anger amongst the youth. This anger when channelized to a constructive path can bring about a sea of change. A Global war on terrorism will become a reality.



  1. After the IC814 hijacking incident, the Indian government had decided that it will not negotiate with terrorists in any hostage situation, and if need be, even storm the terrorists. However, it is to be seen now if this policy will be employed, if suppose, any of the ministers’ sons or daughters are kidnapped in return for KASAV or anyone else held captive in India.

    I agree with all the points you have mentioned here. I feel that a change in the system will take some time to happen, because its not just about politicians, its about us citizens as well. We have to change ourselves first. Bribery, corruption, rule-breaking, communal fights- this has become the bane of Indian society. All this will take a few years to change, because it requires that each and every individual works with integrity.

  2. I have read so many articles on how to combat terrorism in the recent week.Im totally tired.With no disregard to ur effort, u’ve charted out the feasible measures to tie down terrorism.I totally appreciate it. Im totally exhausted. Lets bomb Pakistan and eradicate it from the world map. Let it be history!! Brute force is sometimes better than cryptanalysis…

  3. Bombing Pakistan is what even I feel strongly about….but we have to see the effects of that too…Firstly, Pakistan is also a nuclear nation, and an irresponsible one at that. So the effects of war will be much graver than what we can imagine! (Although I still feel bombing them is the only language they understand!) …Secondly, a war will only produce more terrorists, as more and more youngsters will be shown the ‘atrocities’ committed by India against them, and there will be more jehadis wreaking havoc in our land….But since diplomatic pressure won’t get us anything, I agree that military action, at some point in time, may be the solution.

  4. hey really good one! military trainin idea is impressive n the 5th point is nice da, never occured to me! one observation… all ur ideas hav to be implemented at a global level{if they’ve to be}

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