Is she the one?

What is it in her that makes my heart skip so many beats in quick succession?

What is it in her that takes me to a world that is as irrational and surreal as a dream?

What is it in her that makes my thumping heartbeat audible in traffic that scores notes way above 80dB?

What is it in her that makes my stomach do a back flip?

What is it in her that gives me goose bumps the moment she comes into my mental façade?

What is it in her that makes all but her fuzzy?

What is it in her that spurs in me an adrenaline rush?

What is it in her that spews chaos into my mundane spirit?

What is it in her that stirs the ‘eternal’ tranquil in me?

Is it her nonchalant smile which has the uncanny ability to make eons seem like seconds?

Is it her bustling hair which ruffles in the exhilarating zephyr?

Is it her piercing eyes that make each of my biological cells lose their cohesion?

Is it the aura of romance that she brings into every path she treads?

Is it her glimmer with which she accentuates the ambience?

Or is it just her elegant allure?

Is she the one?

Some answers are worth waiting for a lifetime….



  1. Hehehe. Interesting. Why dun you start writing lyrics for tamil movies? 😛 It’s goood.. but sounds hopelessly romantic 🙂 but that’s forgiven, I also fall in that category !

  2. Ooh.. and put a more apt pic you know.. like the one where there’s a girl’s silhouette.. against a beautiful background 😛 😀

  3. whoa…ash…dint know “u” had such amazing poetic skills man!!! yupp i totally agree… u seem to have fallen for “the” gal… 😉 now who is it da??(pic change request :p too)

  4. hmmm… didno u wer a poet! good one! that “miss someone”
    or hmmm “miss nobody” will defn be on cloud 9 after readin this;)

  5. now dats a piece of art fo which ny gal wil loose her heart…….blessed is d “she” of ur poem …..hope she realizes dat she has sum one lyk u to giv her eternal unconditional luv….hope ur luv doesnt go unrecognised……..a hearty congrats frm my side to dat damsel who wil get to deck d lyf of a poet lyk u …..! SHE IS LUCKY.!!!…

  6. Nice piece of some clean n honest work..:)..I beg to disagree with the last line though…:)…

    Rock on buddy…:):)

  7. Brilliantly written my friend. The poet in you has surged to the surface. Happy to stumble on this beautiful piece.

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