Seize the day..!

“I want to put a dent in the universe.” – Steven P Jobs, CEO : Apple Inc.

Every one of us born in this world has a purpose of life that has to be fulfilled. There today, gone tomorrow. There is very little time left with us. And in this limited time, something worthwhile needs to be done. The important thing here is to realize the purpose of life, and that every other person whom you look at, meet, talk to, scorn at, or even completely despise has his/her own purpose in life; and that person has set out to achieve it. You and I are nobody to question/ridicule/ undermine his/her abilities to realize their dreams.

There are times when you feel low, let down, betrayed, disappointed, failing to reach the expectation you set for yourself. Those times can be arduous for the mentally frail. But the sheer inspiration derived by telling oneself that he is on this part of the universe to achieve something can bail him out of the tough times. We are mostly living a life for others, ever enclosed and enslaved by social dogma. Many of the times we may not even realize what we are in here for..! Life today has become so very monotonous and abeyant that we hardly think of what we truly want to be. It is when we think that we transcend the limits of this materialistic domain, and set out on the path to self-discovery.

There are two ways of looking at life.

One is to live every day as if it were the last day of life. “If today were the last day of my life, what would I want to do? Will I be happy doing that?” That way, we would see to it that the best things are done on that day. [this thought is borrowed from The Stanford address by Steve Jobs]

Another way is to see everyday as the first day of the remainder of your life. Leave the past behind. The future is yet to be explored. That way you feel your whole life is out there, waiting for you, to be lived to the fullest..! Many goals to be achieved, plans to be made, situations to be analysed, people to be loved and finally laurels to be earned..!!! Either way is good, because we make our day better.

And finally one day, death happens; irrespective of whether the person has achieved his purpose or not. Death is a common destination that all of us share. Every beginning should have an end; every rise, a fall; every positive, a negative; every yin, a yang; every baritone, a soprano; to restore the balance back in the system. Death can be a huge driving factor in making you do what you truly want to do. All ego, pride, embarrassment, anger, guilt vanishes in the face of death; leaving only what is most essential. Death is truly a cardinal rule..!

Realizing one’s true worth is definitely an essential purpose of life..!

I would like to end by quoting Steve Jobs – “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

PS : Thanks Saaya for suggesting this title for the post, away from the cliche’ “Purpose of life”



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  2. Everyday is the first day of the rest of your life….was my About Me on Orkut for a long time 🙂 …

    I agree with Bhargavi….your best entry so far 🙂

  3. yet to find the purpose of my life. ‘ve been in the quest for long 🙂 live everyday as like its the last day of life 🙂
    good post.

  4. How do I find the purpose of my life? Even if that’s too much to ask for, how do I find that something I love and I will want to do the rest of my life?

    Really, my interests keep changing. I love doing somethings at some points of time, and eventually it takes a backseat to be replaced by something new. Too much of anything and too much of hype about anything turns me off.

    So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been wondering after the Apple guy’s cool speech.

    You seem all inspired and set to make a big dent! 😀 Looking forward to that ~

  5. Hi Ashwin!
    A twenty year old like you thinking of such serious topics is really heartening! As i ve already pointed out in my earlier post, u are showing positive signs of evolving into a human being with a very strong personality n character. I wish we had such people around -esp. in ur age group. That would really prevent ugly incidents like the ones happening in college campuses across the country today. I should call ur recent post as a well-meaning and a well-written one. Keep it up!!!

  6. Dear Ashe,

    Yes you are right, end of the day we feel that we have not achieved anything great in life – young or old….everything vanishes in the face of death….
    good presentation….keep it up

  7. Hey Ashwin…
    Needless to say that you have inarguably ‘sieze’d my attention with this blog, for that matter every other blog you have posted till now.
    Just never slow down in your pursuit of distinctive blogging…zoom ahead!

  8. U have ‘seize’d the right man for ur post!! yes, steve is great!!He’s my inspiration too… I have watched that stanford speech by him.. truly fabulous!! A brave attempt to summarize his speech i wud say!

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