Olympian effort?

India wins three Olympic medals for the first time ever. Good news. Great news actually..!

Abhinav Bindra – 10m Air Rifle – Gold

Sushil Kumar – 66kg Freestyle wrestling – Bronze

Vijendra Kumar – 75 kg Boxing – Bronze

First of all, I am immensely happy and join the rest of the country in congratulating my compatriots for their truly Olympian effort in winning medals and laurels for themselves, and India.

But let’s get to the hard-hitting facts.

Consider the host nation. With a population of 1.3 billion, China’s medal tally is 89 with 47 gold medals as of today..! That comes to roughly one winner every 1.5 million.

Now, India. With the second highest population in the world, 1.1 billion, 3 medals. 1 in 36 million? Is this all that we can cough up.? I agree that this has been our best Olympics yet. But Our performance as a nation has been as underwhelming as ever. Also let’s not forget that we didn’t even qualify at the hockey events. So much for our ‘National’ game. How many of us actually know that hockey and NOT cricket is our national game? Isn’t it pitiable that it took us 112 years to actually get out first gold at an individual event? But there is some solace, because we finally have one to our credit, thanks to Abhinav.

So, how was this possible?

Champions are MADE, not born.

Abhinav had a training facility that is in line with the best in the world. And thanks to his coach, his dedication and the infrastructure his dad provided him, he is successful today. This proves a point. We are no way lacking in talent. The need of the hour is training facilities on par with any of the best in the world. Let’s not even consider Phelps or Bolt here, as ours are no way close to theirs.

Give the sporting community the funds they need and they’ll give us the results we crave for.

The foreign media is mocking at us for the celebrations and rewards these medals have invoked. True, these are great achievements by our guys and needs appreciation. But aren’t we going a little over the top? Is the 3 crore cash reward really necessary for a person whose father can gift him a 200 crore hotel in his name..?! What an irony, considering the state of other sports which are getting choked from the lack of funds!

There is a dire need for healthy and modern sporting culture in India. The system has to be result oriented. There is no point in expecting a yummy dish without giving the chef the proper ingredients. If that is compromised upon, the end-product will barely be palatable. Autonomy has to be given to companies to sponsor and train talented people. Investment of capital in sports must be encouraged, and in turn the companies must be given financial benefits. Lesser the corruption, better the results will be.

Concerted efforts are required to put India on the global sporting map.

Let’s see how we fare at the 2010 Commonwealth Games…



  1. good writing…shameful that only cricketers are crowned for everything these days..all the fuss over the first GOLD was unnecessary i think…it was purely an individual effort..it would have been a shame if ,with all the infrastructures,abinav had not won…and the govt awards only the gold medallist with a padma vibhusan,what about the winners?as usual indiferrence..

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